Data Elements (DEs)

RDRF allows creation of resusable fields, which can be dropped into the definition of sections of forms, simply by entering their code into the elements field of the section definition (in a comma separated list).

A DE is created by an admin user navigating to “Data Elements” in “Settings”

DEs can be shared by all registries created within the framework. A DE definition consists of:


A DE must have a globally unique code (e.g. CDEAge, CDEInsulinLevel) which must not contain a space.

A meaningful code prefixed with CDE or the Registry Code is recommended.


A non blank “name” must also be entered, which will be used as the label of the component when it appears on the form.


Origin of the field if externally loaded.


Each cde must have a data type specified by a text descriptor. Currently this descriptor is specified as free text although this may change.

The allowed Datatypes are as follows (NB. These are the literal words to type into the datatype field, except for ComplexField)

  • string
  • integer
  • alphanumeric
  • boolean
  • float
  • range
  • calculated
  • file
  • date
  • ComplexField

Pv group

IF a range, select the desired permitted value group here.

Allow multiple

IF a range, checking this box will allow multple selections to be chosen from the range.


  • Brands of cars owned
  • Medications taken

Max length

IF a string value, the maximum number of characters allowed.

Max value

IF an integer or a float value, the maximum magnitude allowed.

Min value

IF an integer or a float value, the minimum magnitude allowed.

Is required

A check box indicating whether this field is mandatory (any datatype)


IF a string value, a regular expression used to indicate admissible values (note these are always case sensitive in the current version).

Widget name

The name of a custom widget to visually present the data, or an an alternative widget from the default. IMPORTANT! The custom widget must already be provided in the codebase otherwise an error will occur. If this field is left blank ( the default ), the default widget for the specified datatype will be used, which should be good enough in 99% per cent of cases.

Derived Data Element (DDE)

IF a calculated field, a fragment of javascript outlined in Derived Data Elements. Leave blank if not a calculated field.