Permissible Values and Permitted Value Groups

Permissible Values

A permissible value (PV) is just a single allowed value that comprises part of a value range.


If the associated value range was intended to be a size range then examples might be

  • small
  • medium
  • large

In the GUI, individual permissible values will appear as selectable options in a drop down list.

Permitted Value Group

A permitted value group (PVG) is a set of permissible values. A PVG must be defined first, with PVs then defined and assigned to a PVG. PVGS are defined by navigating to “Permissible Value Groups” under “Settings”.

Click “Add” to create a new PVG.

A value group has a code which must be a unique non blank string value.

Once a permitted value group has been created, add permissible values to it.


The decoupling of permitted value groups from cdes that make use of them allows different attributes

(e.g. shoe size , hat size) to share the same value ranges (E.g. small, medium, large) as is done in NINDS )