Development Environment

Setting up your development environment

After downloading the source and decompressing:

  1. first install docker ( ) and python tools pip and virtualenv.
  2. cd in to the source directory
  3. issue the command: ./ start ( this will install a tool which creates the application containers and wires them up.)
  4. open a web browser at localhost:8000 and login with the (dev only!) admin account (password admin)
  5. look at How to create a registry

Commands - Using


Usage ./ (pythonlint|jslint|start|rpmbuild|rpm_publish|unit_tests|selenium|lettuce|ci_staging)


./ start

This brings up the dev container - login at localhost:8000

Changes to the code are automatically picked up. Data and logs in ./data/dev

unit tests

./ unit_tests

selenium tests

./ selenium

Commands - Using fig

RDRF can also be run via fig on the command line inside the source directory ( NB fig ( should be installed)

NB. cd into source folder first for these commands

Starting the development container

fig up

Running unit tests

fig -f fig-test.yml up

Running selenium tests

fig -f fig-selenium.yml up