RDRF Graphical User Interface

RDRF is a Django web application and accessed via any web browser (f.g. Chrome or Firefox).

The system uses the standard Django views (generic class-based views) with bootstrap-styling to provide access to the application.

As an admin user, regularly used links are links are accessed via “Settings”, while the “Admin Page” contains the complete list of links.

Admin Page

The Admin Page consists of:

Patient List

Add or edit patient information (contact details)


Add or edit Doctors


Access Reports that have been defined with the Explorer tool


Add or edit users


Add or edit genes


Add or edit laboratories


Add or edit registries

Registry Form

Add or edit forms (created forms are accessed under ‘Modules’ in the Patient List)


Add or edit sections (Sctions are compiled into Forms)

Data Elements

Add or edit CDEs (CDEs are compiled into sections)

Permissible Value Groups

Add or edit PVGs

Permissible Values

Add or edit PVs (assigned to a pemritted value group)


Administer available permissions for user groups (working group curators, clinicians, etc)


Import a registry definition (yaml file)

Demographics Fields

Configure Demographics fields to be hidden or readonly by registry and group

Working Groups

Add or edit working groups (e.g. States, Hospitals, Clinics)

Questionnaire Responses

Questionnaire responses are stored here when submitted by a patient, awaiting validation or rejection by an admin or curator